edition - Die Fachzeitschrift für Terminologie

edition 1/2016


Der Beitrag der österreichischen Philosophie zur Entwicklung der Theorie der Terminologie

Autor: Gerhard Budin The article reconstructs the contribution of Austrian philosophy in the 19th century to the development of the theory of terminology. Philosophers such as Brentano, Marty, Meinong, Husserl and Carnap developed theories on epistemology and ontology that gave Eugen Wüster in the late 1920s and early 1930s the major impetus and inspirations for the development of his theory of terminology.

Qualitätsmanagement in der Terminologiearbeit: Kontinuität im Wandel

Autor: Andreas Oskar Krempf The following article deals with the use of terminologies as documentation language. Using the example of development, maintenance and application of the STW Thesaurus for Economics it illustrates the specific challenges for a standard-based terminology management under changing conditions of reuse and application.

Projektspezifische Terminologie: Was Sprachexperten leisten können

Autor: Christiane Zehrer Project specific terminology (PST) has only recently entered the discussion on professional language use. After a short discussion of the concept PST and its functions, this article illustrates how PST works, and encourages language professionals to adopt new practices that help foster an effective use of PST.

Von der Terminologieverwaltung zur Wissensorganisation

Autoren: Beate Früh und Florian Deubzer For many years terminology management has been praised for its benefits for knowledge management. However, commercial tools used for the administration of terminological data did not support this field of application in a satisfactory way. A new generation of commercial software tools offer now additional features to support the usage of terminologies as a means of knowledge organisation.

Terminologiezirkel im Unternehmen

Autor: Johannes Widmann From R&D to Marketing or After-Sales: most departments of any company benefit from efficient terminology management. That’s why more and more companies invest in a company-wide terminology team. This article explains how to set it up and offers 10 tips with a focus on critical steps.