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edition 1/2018

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Taxonomie vs. Terminologie – zwei Welten oder nur zwei verschiedene Perspektiven?

Autorinnen: Beate Früh und Annette Weilandt Taxonomies as well as terminologies are concept-oriented forms of knowledge representation. But how much do taxonomies and terminologies have in common? The article takes a closer look at products and methods of the two fields and gives some suggestions on how the two worlds can be combined to create synergies.

WIPO Pearl – Patentwissen mit Struktur

Autor: David Reininghaus In a modern knowledge economy, networked knowledge is a prerequisite for gaining competitive advantages. The science of terminology provides useful principles for elaborating and representing such knowledge structures. These principles are applied in modern technologies such as WIPO Pearl, which shows more than 18,500 patent-related concepts in interactive, multilingual concept maps.

Der Einsatz von Begriffssystemen im Terminologiemanagement

Autorin: Jenny Seidel This article discusses the role of concept maps in terminology management. In concept maps, terminology is represented in graphs visualising the classification of concepts and their relationship to other concepts. The advantage is an improved, more intuitive access to terminology and, consequently, enhanced management of the company's knowledge.

Linked Data and Schema.org: Crossing the language chasm with terminological assets

Autoren: Christian Lieske and Felix Sasaki Since 2011, the Schema.org initiative has set a standard for structured information. The technical communication community can already benefit and deliver valuable input for further progress.